About Astrom Editions (former Paul Åströms förlag)

Astrom Editions was founded by Professor Paul Åström in 1962 to publish monographs on Mediterranean archaeology. He had a vision to share and spread knowledge about Mediterranean archaeology, mainly from Cyprus and Greece. Almost 50 years later, the series Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology (SIMA) comprises about 170 dissertations, excavation reports and monographs covering a broad area of different topics within the field.

In 1974 Paul Åström started a parallel series, Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology and Literature - Pocket-books which now consists of over 170 titles mainly on Greek, Cypriote, Italian and Near Eastern archaeology. Paul also had a great interest in Swedish literature and published several books about Swedish authors’ relations to antiquity.

The Journal of Prehistoric religion was started in 1987 and Documenta Mundi, translations of ancient Near Eastern texts, in 1993.

Astrom Editions also distributes older titles from the Swedish Institute in Rome and Athens and the Norwegian Institute in Athens.

Through the publishing house Paul Åström helped many archaeology students in the beginning of their careers by publishing their doctoral theses. He wrote and published over 50 books himself and Astrom Editions now carries over 600 titles.

Paul Åström passed away in 2008. Åströms förlag continues the publishing activity in honour of his major contribution to the history and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean region. High quality and high scientific standards within the field will continue to be top priority.

The publishing company, Astrom Editions, is managed by Dr Lennart Åström. The SIMA monograph series is edited by Professor David Frankel and Dr Jennifer Webb with the assistance of an Editorial Board.