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Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology

Pocket books

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Åström, Cypern - motsättningarnas ö.

Murray, The Protogeometric Style. The First Greek Style.

Holmberg, Aten.

Laffineur, Les vases en métal précieux à l'époque mycénienne.

Holmberg, Delfi och Olympia.

Pomerance, The Phaistos Disc. An Interpretation of Astronomical Symbols.

Wistrand, Politik och litteratur i Antikens Rom.

Holmberg, Athens.

Merrillees, Introduction to the Bronze Age Archaeology of Cyprus.

Holmberg, Delphi and Olympia.

Åström, Arkeologiskt detektivarbete.

Gjerstad, Ages and Days in Cyprus.

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Shelmerdine, The Perfume Industry at Mycenaean Pylos.

Vessberg, Romersk porträttkonst.

Andrén, Deeds and Misdeeds in Classical Art and Antiquities.

Hankey, Archaeology: Artifacts and Artifiction.

Culican, Opera Selecta.

Knapp, Copper Production and Divine Protection.

Coulson, The Dark Age Pottery of Messenia.

Nilsson, Cults, Myths, Oracles and Politics in Ancient Greece.

Shams, Some Minor Textiles in Antiquity.

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Lólos, The Late Helladic I Pottery of the Southwestern Peloponnesos and Its Local Characteristics.

Crowley, The Aegean and the East. An Investigation into the Transference of Artistic Motifs Between the Aegean, Egypt and the Near East in the Bronze Age.

Kurtén-Lindberg, Women's Lib i Aristophanes' Athen?

Stuart Leach, Subgeometric Pottery from Southern Etruria.

Schöne, Der Thiasos. Eine ikonographische Untersuchung über das Gefolge des Dionysos in der attischen Vasenmalerei des 6. und 5. Jhs. v Chr.

Åström (ed), High, Middle or Low? Part 1. Acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held in Göteborg 20th -22nd August 1986.

Åström (ed), High, Middle or Low? Part 2. Acts of an International Colloquium on Absolute Chronology held in Göteborg 20th -22nd August 1986.

Bliquez, Roman Surgical Instruments and Minor Objects in the University of Mississippi.

Psychoyos, Déplacements de la ligne de rivage et sites archéologiques…

von Rosen, Lapis Lazuli in Geological Contexts and in Ancient Written Sources.

Czernohaus, Delphindarstellungen von der minoischen bis zur geometrischen Zeit.

Rombos, The Iconography of Attic Late Geometric II Pottery.

Tripathi, Bronzework of Mainland Greece from c. 2600 BC to 1450 BC.

Mattsson, The Ascia Symbol on Latin Epitaphs.

Warren, Minoan Religion as Ritual Action.

Astour, Hittite History and Absolute Chronology of the Bronze Age.

Säflund, Etrusker - vad menade ni egentligen? Etruskiskt bildspråk - symbol och mening.

Webb, Ritual Architecture, Iconography and Practice in the Late Cypriote Bronze Age.

Tsipopoulou, Archaeological Survey at Aghia Photia, Siteia.

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Sjöquist & Åström, Knossos, Keepers and Kneaders.

Weinstein Balthazar, Copper and Bronze Working in Early Through Middle Bronze Age Cyprus.

Gifford, A Study of the Geo-Archaeology of the Hala Sultan Tekke Area.

Hjelmqvist, A Cereal Find from Old Etruria.

Holmberg, The Red-line Painter and the Workshop of the Acheloos Painter.

Kelly Cooper, The Development of Roof Revetment in the Peloponnese.

von Rosen, Lapis Lazuli in Archaeological Contexts.

Lambrou-Phillipson, Hellenorientalia. The Near Eastern Presence in the Bronze Age Aegean, ca. 3000-1100 B.C. Interconnections based on the Material Record and the Written Evidence plus Orientalia. A Catalogue of Egyptian, Mitannian, Syro-Palestinian, Cypriot

Papagiannopoulou, The Influence of Middle Minoan Pottery on the Cyclades.

Voyatzis, The Early Sanctuary of Athena Alea at Tegea and Other Archaic Sanctuaries in Arcadia

Tagalidou, Weihreliefs aus klassischer Zeit.

Misch, Die Askoi in der Bronzezeit. Eine typologische Studie zur Entwicklung askoider Gefäßformen in der Bronze- und Eisenzeit Griechenlands und angrenzender Gebiete.

Begg, Late Cypriot Terracotta Figurines - a Study in Context.

Andersson, Antik ekonomi. Tematiska studier av den antika ekonomins karaktär och utvecklingsmöjligheter.

Hitzl, Die griechischen Sarkophage der archaischen und klassischen Zeit.

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Laetitia a Campo, Anthropomorphic Representations in Prehistoric Cyprus: a Formal and Symbolic Analysis of Figurines, c. 3500 - 1800 B.C. Symbolic Analysis of Figurines

Walberg & Bullard, The Nelson and Helen Glueck Collection of Cypriot Vases in Cincinnati, with a Biography of Nelson Glueck.

Gualtieri (ed), FOURTH CENTURY B.C. MAGNA GRAECIA: A Case Study.

Holmberg, On the Rycroft Painter and Other Athenian Black-Figure Painters with a Feeling for Nature.

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Labud, Ricerche archeologico-ambientale dell´Istria…

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Buchholz & Untiedt, Tamassos. Ein antikes Königreich auf Zypern.

Powell, Fishing in the Prehistoric Aegean.

Shelton, The Late Helladic Pottery from Prosymna.

Hankey, Archaeology: More Artifacts and Artifiction.

Ruud, Minoan Religion. A Bibliography.

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Hitchcock, Minoan Architecture: A Contextual Analysis

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Niklasson (ed), Cypriote Archaeology in Göteborg

Washbourne, Out of the Mouths of Pots. Towards an Interpretation of the Symbolic Meaning of Cypriot Bronze Age Funerary Artefacts Including Examples in the University of Canterbury´s Logie Collection.

Malmgren, Klavdhia-Tremithos. A Middle and Late Bronze Age Site.

Partida, The Treasuries at Delphi.

Giesen, Zyprische Fibeln. Typologie und Chronologie.

Ridgway, The World of the Early Etruscans

Säflund, Resedagbok i Grekland

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